SUNDAY:         “60 Minutes”   Anderson Cooper discusses string theory physics with cellist Yo Yo Ma; Steve Kroft profiles a community in New Zealand that believes that history is off by six minutes; Lesley Stahl crosses her legs. CBS/7:00 E.S.T.

TUESDAY:     “The Voice”  Blake Shelton attempts to tutor his team into performing Hank Williams standards while sipping from a moonshine jug. NBC/8:00 E.S.T.

WEDNESDAY:   “Survivor”   Members of the tribe must face off and consume host Jeff Probst in order to win individual immunity. CBS/8:00 E.S.T.

THURSDAY:   “The Big Bang Theory” Sheldon solves the riddle of cold fusion and uses it to get even with Penny for touching his ramen noodles. CBS/8:00 E.S.T.

FRIDAY:    “Shark Tank”  The Sharks consider investing in a cracker called Soylent Green. Mr. Wonderful is excited by a breast pump that doubles as a travel clock. ABC/9:00 E.S.T.


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