Celebrity 24 Celebrity All-Nude Photos!

by Anonymous, Special to the Swain News Service

Girls! Girls! Girls! Explicit photos of some of the most celebrated women in Hollywood and beyond are here for your perusal!

….Now that we have your attention. This has been a Test of the Emergency Blog Viewing System. Had this been an actual emergency we’d be sure and mention gratuitous sex to get your attention since nothing else seems to work. tsk tsk. Shame on you. This has been a Test of the Emergency Blog Viewing System.


2 Responses to “Celebrity 24 Celebrity All-Nude Photos!”

  1. I always read everything by Anonymous. S/he has been known to say some pretty amazing things in the past and has proven to be a very popular source for many a term paper I’ve read as a college professor. So it was the author of your article NOT the title that titillated, uh, er, attracted me to read your blog post. 😉

    • chandlerswainreviews Says:

      It is always gratifying to hear from a satisfied reader. We too enjoy the works of Anonymous and look forward to each finished article. Unfortunately, we did not have the space to run a recent piece handed in from an assignment in Havana, entitled “Hugo Chavez Hospitalized, Tended by Naughty Victorian Nurse”, though we occasionally enjoy pulling it out of the file cabinet and reading it with a flashlight.

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